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A Proven System for Mastering Math Facts

UberSmart Math Facts is a Windows based software program that teaches the basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts to children young and old. It is based on what worked for you and me when we were kids in the B.C. era (Before Computers), flash cards and timed tests.

Admittedly there are a lot of tools available for teaching your children the basic math facts, and most of them look like a lot of fun. So why use UberSmart Math Facts? In a word... results.

Actually make memorizing the math facts fun

Memorizing math facts doesn't have to be boring! UberSmart Math Facts challenges students much like a game. Except the goal isn't some meaningless "high score", it's mastery of a skill that they can be proud of and will use for the rest of their life!

Reduce the time it takes your child to memorize the math facts

UberSmart Math Facts reduces repetition of already learned facts and breaks down the addition and multiplication tables into smaller sections helping your child memorize the facts in less time.

Teach the math facts "automatically" with minimal supervision

How many times does your child get the same problem wrong? Do you have the patience to correct them over and over again? Luckily, computers are infinitely patient. With UberSmart Math Facts all you have to do is give them a little guidance and encouragement, then watch their inner math genius blossom.

Know exactly where your child stands and what they have left to learn

Do you really know what your child has learned and what they haven't? UberSmart Math Facts tracks each answer down to the millisecond making sure that they know each and every fact. It also provides you with easy to read graphs showing you exactly how your child is progressing.

Better prepare your child for mathematics by ensuring that they have a firm foundation

Automaticity of math facts has repeatedly been shown to have a big impact on a student's success in mathematics. Don't just give your child a bunch of practice and hope for the best. Give them a tool that will ensure they have the best foundation possible. Give them UberSmart Math Facts.


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How Does UberSmart Math Facts Work?

It challenges students to excel.

On the surface the difference may be subtle, but asking a student to practice something vs. asking them to master it are two entirely different things. Most flash card programs are designed for the student to practice with a goal of either getting done or getting a reward for trudging through the practice session.

UberSmart Math Facts takes an entirely different approach. It challenges the students to master the facts. With UberSmart Math Facts, learning is the reward!

Let me illustrate by relaying a story one teacher told me. A student was using UberSmart Math Facts to learn the multiplication tables in the back of the room while the rest of the class was listening to the teacher. All of a sudden, the student raised his hands and yelled, "Yes!" Naturally, everyone turned around to see what happened. He looked up and exclaimed, "I mastered eights!"

It teaches the math facts one number group at a time.

Starting with addition of 0s, then 1s, and so on is a very effective method for learning the math facts. One reason this technique works so well is that it gives the student an immediate sense of accomplishment since it's fairly easy to learn 0s and 1s regardless of whether you're adding, subtracting, multiplying, or dividing. Another reason it is effective is because as the numbers get higher (and therefore harder) the student has fewer new facts to memorize. But the most important reason it's effective is because it provides an opportunity for the student to recognize patterns in the facts (especially in multiplication.) Recognizing patterns can significantly aid in the memorization of the facts.

It teaches only the basic math facts.

Only the basic math facts need to be memorized. Presenting other problems to the student while they are trying to learn the basic math facts will just make it harder for them to succeed. Remarkably, this is a point lost on most flash card programs.

It works exactly like a deck of flash cards.

Instead of randomly generating problems like most flash card software, Math Facts generates a complete set of problems, and then shuffles them. This ensures that the student is exposed to each and every problem in the set in each learning session and in each test.

It can filter out problems that are already learned

At some point in the learning process, the student will have learned most of the math facts in the set. At this point, they can choose to filter out those problems from the learning session so that they can focus on just the problems they have yet to learn.

It teaches first, and then tests.

Learning with Flash Cards

It is unnecessarily stressful to test a student on a problem for which they have not been taught. Conversely, unless a student is challenged, they will quickly lose interest. Math Facts uses flashcards to instruct the student. Once they are confident that they know most of the answers they can take a test to see how well they are doing.

It has an adjustable time limit on tests.

Student Settings

Time limits are necessary to make sure your child has memorized the math facts as opposed to just learned how to figure out the answer. While it is important that they understand the concepts of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division; and the student's ability to figure out the answer is desirable; memorization of the math facts is the ultimate goal. Math Facts allows you to adjust the time requirements to each student's unique situation.

It tracks the student's response time on each problem.

Progress Chart

It's possible for a student to score a perfect score on a timed test, yet still struggle with certain problems within the set. By tracking the student's response time on each problem, Math Facts identifies the problems that the student is slow to remember. The student can then focus their learning sessions on just those problems.

During tests, it allows the student to see the previous and next problems.

Testing with Flash Cards

Just like on paper, Math Facts displays more than one problem at a time when testing. This allows the student to look ahead at the next problem, or to look back at the problem they just answered. The human brain is a remarkable thing. While we may be consciously thinking about one thing, our subconscious mind will work on other things. So, while a student is typing the answer for the current problem, they can look at the next problem and let their mind work on finding the answer, or they can check their previous answer.

During tests, it allows the student to skip a problem.

Sometimes when taking a timed test it is beneficial to skip a problem and come back to it later. Math Facts provides the student with that capability. Skipped problems are moved to the end of the test to make it easy for student to find them. Although the student can skip a problem, they cannot complete the test until all the questions are answered.

It gives encouragement and instructions at the end of each test

At the end of each test, Math Facts applauds (literally) the student's accomplishments and instructs them on how to proceed.

It prints a certificate when a student masters a skill

Certificate of Excellence

After the student has mastered all the addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division facts, Math Facts will allow them to print a "Certificate of Excellence" that they can proudly display.

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Learning with Flash Cards Testing with Flash Cards Progress Chart Student Settings

UberSmarts Math Facts is a very effective learning tool. In our homeschooling, we use it alot! My kiddos love the challenge and the visible results of their progress.

I love to see their faces when they "master" a particular set of math facts. Their confidence soars!

-- Amy Douglas

Connecticut public schools have embraced the Common Core math standards which eschew traditional math procedures in favor of conceptual explanations. This means that children are encouraged to draw pictures of math "sentences" rather than actually memorize them as facts, thereby robbing them of the computational fluency needed for higher math. UberSmart software is the ONLY reason my son knows his math facts and will be ready for Algebra in spite of his public school education. Highly recommend.

-- Susan Curlee

Thank you so much for this program. This is just perfect for my special needs boy. I like it because I can change the seconds for answering (or have no time limits) and also because it does not have lots of bells and whistles to distract.

-- Janet Quam

I purchased the flash card software for my daughter when she was in 4th grade. She practiced every night for ten minutes and within a couple of months she was one of the 'experts' in her class during math games. I only wish I had bought it a couple years earlier!

-- Virginia Clark

I loaded the math software on my children's computer and within a short time they had discovered it and voluntarily began using it! They love trying to "master" each number set... even my 3 year old asks to do computer math almost every day :-)

-- Heather Harbaugh

Ubermath helped me with my math facts A LOT! I love the way you can try to reach mastery goals and see how much progress you've made.

-- Hannah, Age 11

I think [Math Facts] is great, my son thinks it is more of a game than a learning tool! I love that it tracks his progress and grades it for him! I highly recommend this software!

-- Janelle Cole

UberSmart is the perfect warm up before a math lesson. After a round of UberSmart we are able to get right into the math without waiting for "clearing of the brain fog" that my kids seem to have at the beginning of most math lessons. This makes my time much more productive and effective. The kids get better grades when they do UberSmart first. We love UberSmart Math Facts!

-- Marcy Morgan