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Frequently Asked Questions

What are "math facts"?

Well, the term "math facts" is a bit generic. However, when educators talk about the math facts they are referring to the fundamental addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts used in every day base 10 calculations. In other words, they're referring to single digit addition and multiplication calculations, like 1 + 1, 7 + 6, 9 x 8, etc.; and their subtraction and division counterparts, like 2 - 1, 13 - 6, 72 / 8, etc.

Why should students memorize the math facts?

There have been many studies on the effects of memorizing the math facts on student performance. The bottom line is that students that memorize the math facts do better in math than students that don't. Why? We can't be sure, but the prevailing theory is that memorizing the math facts frees up the part of the brain that students use for logical thinking, thus allowing them to focus on the problem at hand. Memorizing the math facts has also been shown to boost a student's confidence and reduce their fears and anxiety about math.

What is "automaticity" and why is it important?

Automaticity is the point at which something is automatic. When referring to memorization of the math facts, automaticity means that the student can recall a math fact without having to think about it. Memorization (See Why should students memorize the math facts) is not complete until the student attains automatic recall of all the math facts. UberSmart Math Facts times each problem in addition to the overall time to ensure that the student attains automaticity on each and every fact.

Isn't memorizing "rote" learning? I heard that was bad.

Rote learning has gained a bad reputation because it has been overused. However, there are a few places where rote learning is not only proper, but is essential! Just like memorizing the sounds that letters and letter combinations make is essential to reading fluency, memorizing the math facts is essential to math fluency. With all the studies that show the positive effects that memorizing the math facts has on students, there really should be no doubt that memorizing the math facts is an important part of learning math.

Isn't it more important that students understand the concepts?

This question misses the point. Of course understanding the concepts is important. However, it is not the only thing that is needed. Memorizing the math facts has repeatedly been shown to significantly improve a student's ability to learn math and can be a significant aid to understanding harder math concepts.

If math facts are single digit calculations, why does your program teach multiplication up to 12 x 12 by default?

Good question! Although it is only essential to memorize the multiplication table up to 9 x 9, there are several things in our world that are in groups of 12, like months of the year or hours in a day. Memorizing the 10s and 11s is easy. Memorizing 12s makes working with dates and time (and dozens) much easier.

Why does UberSmart Math Facts allow you to change the size of the multiplication table all the way to 20 x 20?

Some curricula require students to memorize the multiplication table beyond 12 x 12. UberSmart Math Facts accommodates those users. One practical application of memorizing beyond 12 x 12 would be in the computer world where hexadecimal numbers are frequently used. Memorizing addition and multiplication tables up to 15 x 15 makes it possible to do hexadecimal calculations mentally.

Other programs allow me to select a min and max value to define a range. Why doesn't UberSmart Math Facts do that?

There are numerous reasons, but one of the most obvious is that providing a minimum and maximum value for the operands makes it very difficult to teach some of the facts! For example, how does a program like that teach 2 x 12? Think about it. You'd have to select 2 as the minimum and 12 as the maximum. That gives the program 121 possible problems to choose from when creating the test! What are the chances 2 x 12 will even show up? By breaking the math facts up by Ones, Twos, and Threes, etc. each group has exactly 25 possible problems (for multiplication up to 12). UberSmart Math Facts includes all 25 problems on each test, ensuring all the facts are covered.

Does UberSmart Math Facts teach the concepts of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division?

Not yet, although we're looking into it. However, you can teach the concepts of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to your child in just a short while. Take a handful of pennies and sit down with your child and show them, "When we add this stack of pennies to this other stack we get..."

My child knows most of the math facts, isn't that good enough?

Your child may be able to answer some or even all the math facts correctly, but can they do it quickly without having to think about it? If you answered no, then your child has not attained automaticity which is an important skill that they need. (See What is "automaticity" and why is it important)

My child has learning disabilities, should they memorize the math facts?

Absolutely! Memorizing the math facts is not easy, but one of the main reasons for doing so is that it allows a student to concentrate on the logic of math problems, rather than stopping that thought process to figure out a simple math fact. The continuity of thought this provides is especially beneficial to students with learning disabilities!

How often should my child use UberSmart Math Facts?

Daily! We cannot stress this enough. Memorization works best with daily exposure.

How much time should my child spend each day using UberSmart Math Facts?

For optimal results two or three ten to fifteen minute sessions per day is recommended. However, as little as a single ten minute session per day will produce significant results.

Do you have a Mac version?

Sorry, but we don't anticipate support for Macintosh computers any time soon.

How many computers can I run UberSmart Math Facts on?

For the home version, you can run UberSmart Math Facts on as many computers as you want, as long as the computer is primarily used in your home. Please note that each computer will have its own database so you will not be able to see scores from the other computers. For the pro version, there is a limit on the number of students but no limit on the number of computers.

UberSmarts Math Facts is a very effective learning tool. In our homeschooling, we use it alot! My kiddos love the challenge and the visible results of their progress.

I love to see their faces when they "master" a particular set of math facts. Their confidence soars!

-- Amy Douglas

Connecticut public schools have embraced the Common Core math standards which eschew traditional math procedures in favor of conceptual explanations. This means that children are encouraged to draw pictures of math "sentences" rather than actually memorize them as facts, thereby robbing them of the computational fluency needed for higher math. UberSmart software is the ONLY reason my son knows his math facts and will be ready for Algebra in spite of his public school education. Highly recommend.

-- Susan Curlee

Thank you so much for this program. This is just perfect for my special needs boy. I like it because I can change the seconds for answering (or have no time limits) and also because it does not have lots of bells and whistles to distract.

-- Janet Quam

I purchased the flash card software for my daughter when she was in 4th grade. She practiced every night for ten minutes and within a couple of months she was one of the 'experts' in her class during math games. I only wish I had bought it a couple years earlier!

-- Virginia Clark

I loaded the math software on my children's computer and within a short time they had discovered it and voluntarily began using it! They love trying to "master" each number set... even my 3 year old asks to do computer math almost every day :-)

-- Heather Harbaugh

Ubermath helped me with my math facts A LOT! I love the way you can try to reach mastery goals and see how much progress you've made.

-- Hannah, Age 11

I think [Math Facts] is great, my son thinks it is more of a game than a learning tool! I love that it tracks his progress and grades it for him! I highly recommend this software!

-- Janelle Cole

UberSmart is the perfect warm up before a math lesson. After a round of UberSmart we are able to get right into the math without waiting for "clearing of the brain fog" that my kids seem to have at the beginning of most math lessons. This makes my time much more productive and effective. The kids get better grades when they do UberSmart first. We love UberSmart Math Facts!

-- Marcy Morgan