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The UberSmart Story

Hi, my name is David Kocur. I'm a homeschool dad, computer programmer, and author of UberSmart Math Facts.

One day...

I was sitting at my desk when my wife asked me to write a flash card program to help our children learn their addition and subtraction math facts. My initial reaction was, "I'll just find one on the Internet, there's bound to be dozens out there." I was right. There are dozens if not hundreds of them. But, as I started looking at them I was quickly discouraged. From randomly generated math problems (therefore no guarantee that all facts are covered), to math problems well beyond the scope of the math facts, to noisy distracting interfaces, none of them actually taught the math facts in an effective manner. After several hours of downloading and looking at flash card programs I finally broke down and decided to write my own.

The results were amazing!

My daughters went from hating math to loving it! In just a few months my two oldest had mastered their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division math facts! And when I say mastered, I mean mastered. They each proved their mastery by answering 400 problems (on paper) in under 20 minutes with no errors.

My oldest daughter has learning disabilities due to epilepsy and after her last neuropsychological evaluation we were told that she would always struggle to recall her math facts. If you had told me at the beginning of the school year that she would not only learn all her math facts, but would be doing long division by the end of the year I would have laughed at you. But, that's exactly what happened!

Well, I thought...

"I need to put this thing on the market so others can use it!" Hence, UberSmart Software was born. So, purchase a copy of Math Facts today. I personally back it with an unconditional money back guarantee. If your not completely satisfied, I'll promptly give you a full refund.

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UberSmarts Math Facts is a very effective learning tool. In our homeschooling, we use it alot! My kiddos love the challenge and the visible results of their progress.

I love to see their faces when they "master" a particular set of math facts. Their confidence soars!

-- Amy Douglas

Connecticut public schools have embraced the Common Core math standards which eschew traditional math procedures in favor of conceptual explanations. This means that children are encouraged to draw pictures of math "sentences" rather than actually memorize them as facts, thereby robbing them of the computational fluency needed for higher math. UberSmart software is the ONLY reason my son knows his math facts and will be ready for Algebra in spite of his public school education. Highly recommend.

-- Susan Curlee

Thank you so much for this program. This is just perfect for my special needs boy. I like it because I can change the seconds for answering (or have no time limits) and also because it does not have lots of bells and whistles to distract.

-- Janet Quam

I purchased the flash card software for my daughter when she was in 4th grade. She practiced every night for ten minutes and within a couple of months she was one of the 'experts' in her class during math games. I only wish I had bought it a couple years earlier!

-- Virginia Clark

I loaded the math software on my children's computer and within a short time they had discovered it and voluntarily began using it! They love trying to "master" each number set... even my 3 year old asks to do computer math almost every day :-)

-- Heather Harbaugh

Ubermath helped me with my math facts A LOT! I love the way you can try to reach mastery goals and see how much progress you've made.

-- Hannah, Age 11

I think [Math Facts] is great, my son thinks it is more of a game than a learning tool! I love that it tracks his progress and grades it for him! I highly recommend this software!

-- Janelle Cole

UberSmart is the perfect warm up before a math lesson. After a round of UberSmart we are able to get right into the math without waiting for "clearing of the brain fog" that my kids seem to have at the beginning of most math lessons. This makes my time much more productive and effective. The kids get better grades when they do UberSmart first. We love UberSmart Math Facts!

-- Marcy Morgan